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Certified Pet Aesthetician (CPAe)

As of February 10, 2019, I am a Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aesthetician (CPAe). I really enjoy expanding my knowledge about better grooming. Living in Florida, I have seen a real need to learn more about skin issues as I encounter them nearly every day. I began my Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aesthetician Training Program with Module 1 in September 2018. As I started this course, I knew I would be able to help so many with what I was about to learn. After passing the test on Module 1, I moved on to Module 2. This is where I was able to put some of my knowledge to the test with case studies, 3 dogs for maintenance baths and 2 with skin issues. It was a slow process using product alone. After my addition of an Ozone machine, I saw results with just one bath. Moving on to Module 3, I attended a Iv San Bernard hands-on seminar in Cave Creek, Arizona with Dr. Cliff Faver, D.V.M. and Suzanne Marchetti as our instructors. On Day 1 we learned more in-depth ways on how to make the pets feel and look their best. We also learned about new products and how and when to apply them with different skin issues.On Day 2 we applied our knowledge in the bathing room. The group I was working with had a sweet French Bulldog that had skin allergies around her face and on her front paws. We were able to give this dog some relief and helped her skin get a good start on its way back to a normal state. Day 3 was the big test. Even though we were all nervous, we all passed the test and received our CPAe certification. I look forward to applying my newly acquired knowledge and grow as a CPAe. 

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