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VMX Conference

Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Fl

January 18-22, 2020

I was invited to the largest Veterinary conference through Dr. Cliff Faver with Iv San Bernard. As you know (or may not know) I’m a certified pet aesthetician (the study of coat and skin) through Iv San Bernard. This conference gave me the opportunity to learn more about some of the common skin issues that we as groomers see on a daily basis. I learned how some of the medications work to help and what doesn’t work. The products that I use through Iv San Bernard are formulated for each individual pet and needs of the coat. I also learned how our products along with vet care can really help a pet get back to healthy skin and coat quicker than just medicine or medicated shampoo alone. Over the course of the 5 days we took several equine and small animal classes with veterinary dermatologist, learned about Fear Free, which I have signed up for the class, and met Dr. Temple Grandin, who has made a large impact in the animal industry.

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